Puerto Rico, Caribbean Scuba Diving
45+ years’ experience with over 130,000 divers and 100% safety record.
Prices quoted in U.S. dollars and do NOT include local sales tax
Languages spoken are English and Spanish.

We have a 48 hour written cancellation notification policy for confirmed reservations.

San Juan Activities:
Snorkel Lesson or Tour (1 hour w/ basic equipment) $60.00
Resort Scuba Course (Lesson, local dive & equipment) $165.00
Scuba Lesson (Lesson & equipment) (9:30am or 2:30pm) $105.00
Local Reef Dive (tk & wts.) (9:30am,11am, 2:30 pm or 4pm) $70.00

Check-Out Dives for certification (NAUI, PADI or other)
Scuba Dives # 1 & 2 (tanks & wts.) $157.00
Scuba Dives # 3 & 4 (tanks & wts.) $157.00
Scuba Dives #1-4 (tanks & wts.) $308.00
Specialty or Advance Course Day Dives (tank & wts.) $81/dive
Registration for dive #4 $55.00

Full 40 hr. certification course (NAUI or PADI) (Price on request)

Equipment Rental (for local dives)
Buoyancy Compensator Device (BC) $15.00
Regulator Rig $15.00
Snorkel Set $20.00
Snorkel Vest $15.00
Shortie Wetsuit $15.00
Underwater Light $15.00
Flash drive edited copy of activity $45 each

NOTE: Wetsuit tops are NOT included in basic equipment packages.

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For information and reservations please contact:

Karen Vega At:
Caribe Aquatic Adventures
Diving Behind Normandie Hotel San Juan
Mailing Address: 1062 Calle 19
Villa Nevarez
San Juan, PR 00927

Office Phone: (787) 281-8858
Fax: (787) 765-7444

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