Dewi Nusantara Liveaboard - Raja Ampat All To Yourself!!!

Dewi Nusantara Indonesia Liveaboard
We offer you that opportunity to experience this luxury during our Raja Ampat Summer Voyages! When all liveaboards leave for other destinations we choose to stay in Raja Ampat and for good reason!

For years the dive media and operators published that summer isnít the right season to dive Raja Ampat but is that really the case? Yes itís true that Misool canít be reached due to strong southern winds but diving around Batanta and Waigeo where most of the dive site are is perfect! Even if we encounter some adverse conditions, Dewi Nusantara is maybe the most stable dive liveaboard in Indonesia making sailing some little waves feel like a walk in the park.

Read some of the comments below guests wrote after our previous North Raja Ampat cruises.

"Thank you all for another great trip. This one has to rank near the top of all my liveaboard trips. This trip will be hard to top"
Rick Troberman

"Thank you for an amazing trip to Northern Raja Ampat. I had high expectations for this trip and you all helped to reach them"
Danny Baer

Great ship, great crew, good food, great diving, great Cruise Director, great landscape and great diving. Thank you for a wonderful trip, perfect hospitality and an unforgettable memory"
Danni & Stefan

Staying north gives you the time to dive many great dive sites that normally remain hidden for most divers. There is so much more to this area! Plus we can dive your most favorite sites more than once if so desired and these sites have no liveaboards floating around! The reefs to yourself!

Itinerary including the lavish Dampier Strait area, diving the worldís most biodiverse coral reef (that's according to a fish species count undertaken by Dr. Gerry Allen a few years ago, who is one of the worldís foremost ichthyologists), Aljui Bay, passing over the equator into the northern hemisphere on the way up to Wayag, (Wayang is home to the iconic Raja Ampat viewpoint) before finishing up in the treasure trove critter rich waters of Batanta Islands.

Max Ammer owner of Papua Diving and Edi Frommenwiller from Pindito (both Raja Ampat earliest pioneers) plus Mark Erdmann, former head of Conservation International in Raja Ampat all told us on more than one occasion that they donít understand why all liveaboards move away from RA in the summer time.

You also wonder why almost all liveaboards move south? Weather? Or are there other reasons? Of course to offer a variety of destinations in their yearly schedule. So do we, but now Komodo National Park, the main summer destination for most liveaboards and still an amazing dive destination, is overrun by day operators and small liveaboards.

But also, and this might not be known to the public, all liveaboards need to go into drydock once a year and most of them do that in Surabaya (East Java) or another drydock in the south of Indonesia. Those docking locations canít be reached from Raja Ampat from May until October so they have to move south from RA before the Banda sea canít be crossed due to high waves. One really doesnít want to be found trying to cross those waters either going South or North in the wrong time of the year.

Dewi Nusantara doesnít have that problem. We use the drydock owned by Pertamina (the National Oil Company) in Sorong. Choosing to stay Ďup northí also makes it easier for us to reach other top dive destinations in their best possible seasons, Cenderawasih Bay, Banda Sea, Triton Bay and as far as North Sulawesi. In short, you miss out if you skip the Raja Ampat summer Voyages with Dewi Nusantara!

Dive with the professionals, dive with Dewi Nusantara.

Note: weather in tropical areas this close to the equator is naturally very unpredictable and we canít guarantee conditions anywhere of any kind at anytime of the year. We base our choices on experience and historic weather patterns. Scuba Diving Vacations & Dive Holidays - Book direct dive travel with scuba diving operators, resorts, dive liveaboard yachts and dive travel representatives worldwide. We provide free scuba diving information for the traveling diver on vacation and holiday in and to scuba diver destinations around the world.

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